Friday, March 6, 2009

Facebook Could Be The End Of Blogging As We Know It!

I am addicted. And it has killed my blogging!

So much has happened over the last few weeks - I hit my friend's van in my driveway and caused $700 in damage - Caeden was "misplaced" by a substitute bus driver (who subsequently lost his job) only to be found AN HOUR later by yours truly at a house along his bus route - Cameron has had two weeks of baseball tryouts AND was invited to attend the 2009 Youngstown State University Summer Honors Institute for Gifted Students - and the World Baseball Classic has begun and Jackson is in heaven!

Hey wait...I was able to tell you everything in one simple paragraph, just like Facebook! And you are my friends too! Anonymous but friends just the same...:)


KC said...

Yea.. my facebook has really slowed down my blogging also.

KC said...

Oh guess I should comment about the rest of the stuff also LOL
OMG they misplaced your kid!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have to kill someone.
OOPES sorry about the $700 mishap with the neighbors van OUCH...
WOW impresses with the baseball stuff.